Changing the talent management landscape
“Are you still fixated with Job Descriptions? If so, wake up and move on; we are in the era of Competences. We now hire for deliverables rather than doables!”
Businesses don’t do well because they have money and the latest technologies; they do well because they have the best people. To recruit, develop, deploy and retain the best people, organizations need to invest in the best Tools and Frameworks that provide the best information and insights to enable the right interventions and investments in people.
Welcome to AXIS™, a state-of-the-art platform where top performing organizations manage the talents, competences and career development of their people using a secure, cloud-enabled application developed by a leading talent management consulting firm – Allaboard Africa. AXIS™ is a platform for (i) formulating Job Competency Profiles (JCPs) and building your organization’s Competency Bank, (ii) utilizing finalized and validated Job Competency Profiles to assess or audit your employees’ skills online, (iii) profiling the Potential of your people to identify the strength of both individual and pooled Talent, (iv) undertaking structured talent conversations and 360 degree evaluations and managing commitments and action plans online, (v) consolidating the Competency Gaps to formulate Personal Development Plans (PDPs) for your knowledge employees, (vi) assessing the engagement levels of all of your knowledge employees or specific segments of your employee population e.g. HiPOs, and (vii) managing talent interventions to transform your talent pipeline.
AXIS™ tools and services are activated through corporate subscription. All you have to do is simply complete a simplified “Service Request” Form, submit to us and our technical team will promptly get in touch with you and provide you with a detailed Service Spec, quotation and implementation roadmap. Once all engagement processes have been completed, our team will create your corporate account and configure your platform so that you can begin to enjoy your service with us.

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South Africa

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Chief Executive Officer
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Programmes & Client Services
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Country Managing Director
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Country Managing Director
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