Talent Practices Audit
We define the Talent Management Best Practices Audit as a comprehensive, systematic, independent and objective examination of an organization’s talent practices, programs, strategies and initiatives to identify opportunities and priorities for strengthening the same. The TMBP Audit provides an organization with a factual view of its Talent Management Maturity Level, and spotlights the key areas along the Talent Delivery Value Chain (TDVC) that needs improvement in order to deliver on the talent agenda and roadmap. It is important to get audited once every 2 years to satisfy that your organization’s talent practices and programs have relevance and currency.

Some frequently asked questions are; what exactly is audited, how is the audit conducted, who audits, and what does the organization get thereafter? A TMBP Auditor certified by GAFM conducts the Talent Practices Audit. There is a TMBP Audit Framework that is available to those that have purchased the TMBP Standard. However, if you have not purchased the Standard, you can still request the Audit Framework only, at a fee. Once audited, your organization gets a detailed Report on state of Talent Management and key issues that needs to be addressed. Part of the audit package also includes advisory on how to set up or align your talent management program. The TMBP Audit itself focuses on the following;

  • TM-Business Alignment
  • Talent agenda, objectives and metrics
  • Organizational readiness for TM implementation
  • Performance against Talent Management Standards
  • Talent Management Tools and frameworks
  • Capabilities for delivering a sustained TM initiative
A detailed Report is produced for the senior Human Resources Executive in your organization. It is mandatory that a TMBP Auditor presents the Report to the project sponsor in order to clearly explain the findings. The TMBP Audit takes between 3 and 4 weeks depending on the size of the organization and the complexity of both the Business and Human Resources setup.

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