Businesses don’t do well because they have money and the latest technologies; they do well because they have the best people. If we care about the contribution of people to enterprise performance, then we must begin to care about the practices that develop the organization’s most important asset - its talent. The Talent Management Best Practices™ (TMBP™) Standard is an integrated framework developed to mainstream talent management by defining best practices across the Talent Delivery Value Chain (TDVC™), making talent management a pervasive approach in managing Human Capital in organizations. The Standard condenses the most important dimensions of talent management in the form of scorecards, auditable standards, implementation Tools and metrics, and embeds standards of excellence that embody best practices for driving measurable transformation of the Talent Pipeline.

Why Must you Purchase the Standard
When it comes to talent management, you don’t want to remain in the ‘concept and business case’ discourse and mode. You want to act, and in order to do that you want a Framework for action. In the TMBP™ Standard, we have provided just that - a Framework to guide planning, action, measurement and improvement. However, the TMBP™ Standard comes with more - it comes with all the requisite Tools to help you action Programmes and activities that are aimed at transforming your organization’s Talent Pipeline. The Standard accelerates the transition from concept to practices, and ultimately from practices to culture, in the management of corporate talent. In formulating the TMBP™ Standard, the Technical Team is focused on providing an Excellency Framework against which current investments and actions in talent management can be evaluated and improved. The Talent Dimensions and their respective Standards provide corporate and people leaders with a set of rigorous, coherent and stretchy practices that meet international yardsticks in the acquisition, on-boarding, development, deployment, retention and off-boarding of talent in organizations. To Chief Human Resources Officers and all HR Practitioners, this TMBP™ Standard provides you with an integrated Tool for auditing your organization’s talent practices and programs, a yardstick for transforming those practices against well defined transformation milestones, and a turnkey framework for conceptualizing and delivering a successful Talent Management Program.

Commitment to Evolving and Improving the Standard
Talent management is both a science and an art, where HR modeling and analytical capabilities support good gut that is enhanced by experiential wisdom. This Standard provides the scientific dimension and scope for generating and deploying processed information to make the right talent decisions. However, the scientific dimension in talent management is evolving fast and radically as we enhance our understanding on what makes people stay, perform, learn, improve, progress and succeed in the work of work. The TMBP™ Standard is reviewed every year by a team of academics, practitioners and consultants who have broad and deep expertise in talent management. We will continue to improve every aspect of the Standard, from its basic construct to its objectives, standards, audit methodology, tools, and measures. Our Implementation Partners at Allaboard and ABMC International sincerely thank you for your interest in the Talent Management Best Practices™ Standard, and wish you a transformative experience with the Standard.

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