Strategy Formulation
At Allaboard we have coined the term “Strategy Beyond Possibilities” to refer to the limitless range of strategic options that we are able to generate, model, analyze and implement for, and with our clients. We have developed an impeccable track record in supporting government ministries and agencies, public enterprises, and private sector companies in the formulation, activation, implementation and alignment of their strategies. We view ourselves as enablers, bringing facilitation methodologies that prioritize client ownership of both the process and the resultant strategy. We also provide technical expertise to support the difficult stages of strategy formulation, such as envisioning, programming, strategy costing, and capability assessment. We deliver exceptionally well on the basics of strategic (situational) research, strategic planning, and budgeting. However, we go beyond the basics to reconfigure the Operating Model and transform your Capacity Base so that your best resources and your strongest competences are aligned to your biggest opportunities. Across all industries, the optimization of efficiencies is a top priority for achieving competitiveness and relative advantage. Hence, we have developed expertise and models to study, understand and realign the overall costs associated with implementation. We deploy a range and combination of landscape-appropriate, tried and tested strategic planning tools and approaches in order to ensure that strategy is vision-aligned, focused, actionable, scalable and adaptive to both known and unknown variables. In this strategic area, we focus on the following:

  • Initiation and technical support to the Strategy Steering Team (SST)
  • Dipstick Situational Research to deepen environmental understanding
  • Process facilitation of the actual Strategy Workshop
  • Costing the Strategy (Revenue, Capex, Opex) and determination of Funding Requirements
  • Writing up of the Strategic Plan Blueprint and presentation to Board
  • Supporting the SST on Strategic Plan Launch for maximum stakeholder impact
  • Targeted support to BU and Divisional Executives during Operational Planning

South Africa

Chris Tenga
Chief Executive Officer
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Mary Marozva
Programmes & Client Services
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Joseph Mugo
Country Managing Director
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Leonard Dingwa
Country Managing Director
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