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Welcome to the Lead Interviewer Certification Programme™ (LiCP™), the flagship Programme on Selection and Interviewing Skills for Line Managers, Functional and Business Executives, Human Resources Practitioners, and External Recruitment Consultants. Through the LiCP™, we are proud to be developing the people who hire talent in organizations. Most managers and executives don’t understand the far-reaching impact of decisions they make at the hiring table. Hiring the wrong person into a critical position has drastic consequences to the business, but so is missing out on the right person.

Hiring managers are expected to help their organizations win the ‘war for talent’ by the decisions, discretions and conduct they make and demonstrate during the recruitment, selection and onboarding of talent. Being in a position of ‘hiring manager’ or selection panelist is being in a position of utmost trust i.e. they are entrusted with bringing the talent and the potential that will sustain their organization for a very long time. Why a long time? It’s because organizations no longer simply hire for today and for the current role. They now hire for the future, for totally new positions and roles that will become necessary as the business and the operating landscape changes.
Line Executives, Managers and Human Resource Practitioners would probably see themselves as experienced in hiring. After all, they have been hiring for a long time to such an extent that hiring is now a simple routine, a ritual that happens whenever there is a vacant position that needs to be filled. However, at Allaboard, we believe that when it comes to effective hiring, it’s better said than done. The LiCP™ takes managers through the complexities of hiring talent by exploring the concepts, process, steps, tools and most important considerations in hiring in a talent-focused 21st century organization. Managers undertaking the LiCP™ will discover the ‘scientific’ side of hiring, where Tools and Frameworks enable good decision making, as well as the ‘artistic’ side where the gut and good judgement of a trusted and trained hiring manager play a pivotal role in spotting talent and potential at the selection table.
LiCP™ is delivered online from start to finish, making it available for managers, executives and consultants with busy schedules who aspire to learn at their convenience and pace. In the exhilarating journey towards LiCP™ certification, Learners will be assisted with additional resources, prompt responses to their questions by the Facilitator, and examination preparation guidelines. The 5-week Program blends theory with ‘provocative’ insights, case studies, reflective Questions, rigorous Practicals, a mandatory assignment, and assessment via a multiple choice exam. We certify only those that meet all LiCP learning milestones, because only they can successfully signature-manage the hiring process of the right talent. Welcome & best wishes in this Course & in your role as a hiring manager.

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