Inspired By You
When the world talks about Africa, it talks about potential and the future. This potential is considered to lie in Africa vast and untapped resource base. However, at Allaboard, we believe that Africa’s potential lies in the hard work, agility, passion and potential of its people. This is why we have made it our mission to ‘develop inimitable capabilities’ for organizations through developing people. We strongly believe that developing people is the best route towards developing resolute and sustainable organizations that can compete globally and retain relevance locally.

We are inspired by the stretchy aspirations that African organizations have. These are African aspirations that require an African consultant who is intimately attuned with the African agenda, values and challenges - this consultant is Allaboard Africa. In Allaboard, we have created a pan-Africa consulting and capability development partner that is focused on growing African people and organizations. Whilst we provide arguably one the best partnerships in consulting and capacity development in our areas of focus, we are also inspired by the success and resilience of most organizations across Africa - micro, small and large - that continue to scale dizzy heights in enterprise performance, innovation, social impact, and many other indicators of strategic importance to organizations, industry and society.

The future we are creating
The future is the sum of the efforts and investments that as individuals, organizations and society at large, we make today. We focus on two areas that we believe impact the future in a significant way, and these two are strategy and talent. By helping organizations formulate strategies that are attuned to their operating environments, and developing the right talent to deliver on these strategies, we are extending the future, creating opportunities, multiplying capabilities, and eliminating risks. This is the future that we are creating for people, for organizations, and for Africa.

At Allaboard, all our work is focused on the long term. This is why we are not interested in quick fixes and quick wins, unless they are strategic fixes. Our work in strategy formulation, operating model development, business process reengineering, transformation, and talent management, is all focused on developing long-term inimitable capabilities and sustainability. We develop organizations of the future, and ensure that whilst organizations perform today, they transform their strategies, business-operating models and talent pipelines for future relevance.

South Africa

Chris Tenga
Chief Executive Officer
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Mary Marozva
Programmes & Client Services
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Joseph Mugo
Country Managing Director
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Country Managing Director
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