The following people and/or institutions have extended their unreserved endorsement to the Talent Management Best Practices™ (TMBP™) Standard

Prof. Dr. George S Mentz, JD, MBA, AMC ®
Chairman - International Board of Standards

“The Global Academy for Finance and Management (GAFM) and the International Board of Standards (IBS) are proud to not only endorse the Talent Management Best Practices Standard, but to accredit it into its curriculum for certified management and executive development. Based on our review, the TMBP Standard stands out as an exceptional Framework for effective leadership and transformation of human capital globally. Human Resources Managers who undertake the TMBP Certification Course receive the highly acclaimed, IBS-certified TMBP Certification and join a community of Practitioners who are certified under GAFM and IBS as capable of leading human capital in a competitive, new age global environment.”

Dr. Lydia Cille-Schmidt
CEO at The Talent Hub International

“The Talent Management Best Practices Standard is an excellent tool to assist organisations in building competitive advantage through their talent practices. I find the audit instrument based on the standard useful in getting a comprehensive overview of the organization's talent practices and identifying where the focus of the talent management strategy should be. The standard also includes some practical tools that will assist organisations in operationalizing their talent management strategy in an effective way. The Talent Management Best Practices Standard is a remarkable piece of work that will assist organisations in making sense of talent management in a structured manner.”

Carol Hondonga
Senior Director for Talent Acquisition at General Electric

“The TMBP Standards, proudly homegrown in Africa are poised to elevate the capability and credibility of Human Capital professionals across the continent and globally. The Standards are a core part of a world-class integrated talent management framework that will transform the profession to be holistic strategic business partners. The Certification is also internationally accredited and will be delivered by diverse local Talent Leaders. The digital tools also enable easy access. We are all aboard the African talent management journey!”

South Africa

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