Programme Overview
Leadership happens where the agenda is set and where the strongest influence resides, and this, regrettably, is not always at executive and senior managers. The average executive can execute but can’t lead, as most fail to graduate from the ‘fixer’ and problem solver level to the level of agenda setting - this according to Watking; HBR (2012). Building a capable leadership pipeline involves helping technical managers transition from the comfort of managing ‘things’ to the complexity of leading ‘people’. The Enterprise Leader Programme (ELP) was designed to bridge the gap between titles and behaviours, that is noticeable in most senior and executive managers from highly technical backgrounds. ELP is a 15-day leadership programme delivered by seasoned Leadership Coaches over 5 Leadership Camps (L-Camps) of 3 days per Camp. Delegates can also elect to attend only those Modules they feel are most beneficial to them. Organizations with 8 or more delegates can also consider an in-house option.

Leadership and Transformation
ELP focuses on the top 5 enterprise drivers (E-Drivers) that deliver significant success in a dynamic and often disruptive 21st century environment. These 5 E-Drivers are; customer, brand, innovation, talent, and performance. Why these 5? Businesses operate in an environment where customers are gold, brand is a prized asset, innovation is an imperative, talent is a strategic differentiator, and performance is ultimate and non-negotiable. ELP develops responsive leaders with the intelligence and orientation to inspire and influence success, whilst creating rallying points for action and change across the 5 E-Drivers. Delegates are equipped with the skills to lead purposefully under demanding circumstances that characterize corporates and institutions today. Upon completion of the ELP, delegates will be capable of charting and shepherding a clear, unambiguous direction on customer, brand, innovation, talent and performance, for their organizations.

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