CTP™ Programme Overview
“The world lacks specialists, those people who can truly say they know it, and you know they mean it. People who don’t know it and can’t do it hide behind the banner of being ‘generalists’. Now these are the people stifling organizations from achieving Excellency, because they are just good enough, and ‘good enough’ is never good enough in this insanely competitive space”

Welcome to the Certified Talent Practitioner™ (CTP™) Programme, a specialized Programme developed for Practitioners who are running away from the ‘HR Generalist’ tag; those that don’t want to set the bar too low, who take no satisfaction in meeting the minimum practicing standards in HR. CTP™ is a Programme for the modern HR Practitioner who aspires to gain a globally accredited certification whilst differentiating oneself from ‘generally qualified’ HR colleagues. CTP™ transforms you and elevates you to operate at a totally different impact level - the problems you solve as a talent tactician, the propositions you make as a talent strategist, and the value you generate as a people investor.

If that does not convince you to attend, then this point will. An Allaboard 2016 survey of over 150 HR managers from across Africa revealed that the number 1 enemy to successful implementation of formalized talent management interventions is Tools. Now this is where CTP™ makes a massive difference. After attending this Course, you will walk away with a Toolkit so robust you will say ‘it’s now possible’. When it comes to Talent Management, ‘the devil is in the tools’, and the CTP™ Programme delivers a wide selection of Tools for managing the various stages of Talent Delivery Value Chain™ (TDVC™). Practitioners that have successfully gone through this Programme have described CTP™ as a significant differentiator to their personal credentials and career prospects. CTP™ confers priceless value to your credibility and contribution as an HR Practitioner. With CTP™, we are defining next practices in HR. Be part of this evolution.

CTP™ Course Focus and Outline
“The problems you solve as a talent tactician, the propositions you make as a talent strategist, and the value you generate as a people investor”.

The Certified Talent Practitioner™ (CTP™) Programme was crafted to address the most topical issues is talent management in a dynamic and disruptive 21st century business environment. The Programme is crafted on the provisions of the Talent Management Best Practices™ (TMBP™) Standard, making it practical, hands-on and implementation-focused. The Programme has a dual focus; (i) cultivating technical skills in the operational implementation of a talent management programme in order to develop competent talent tacticians, and (ii) cultivating strategic skills in the investment of talent and transformation of corporate talent pipeline in order to develop competent talent strategist. Delegates take away a robust Toolkit which enables them to implement as soon as they are back in their workplaces. The exciting CTP™ Programme covers the following;

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