Personal Development Planner (PDP)
You may ask the Question; why audit skills or profile employee potential if outcomes, especially Skills Gaps, cannot be mapped into a Personal Development Planner. Well, we asked that Question too, and we answered it for you. Let us first acknowledge that what line managers especially hate the most is completing endless forms about employee skills, potential and development needs. This aversion or hate is fully justified. At Allaboard, we are committed to provide a great experience to line managers when they are making decisions about talent and planning important interventions on talent development. That is why our team configured the Personal Development Planner (PDP). In truth the PDP is a different and separate service from Skills Auditing, but in practice, you and your line managers won’t even notice because you actually generate the PDP by simply allocating a Skills Gap into a time period by when that Gap must be addressed. What comes at the end of that very simple allocation process is a Personal Development Roadmap that timelines when Skills gaps must have been fully addressed.
Allaboard’s PDP Platform is a functionality that manages employee development on a 2-3 year trajectory. The PDP platform computes all gaps from the Skills auditing module and imports these gaps directly into the PDP for each employee, automatically allocating the time by which such gaps must have been addressed, based on priority level allocated by the assessing manager. The PDP platform also comes with additional fields to outline the 2-year or 3-year development plan of the employee, making the necessary in-process feedback and alerts, and reporting on both lagging and overdue employee development milestones. The PDP platform is popular with line managers due to its highly simplified format, and its ability to link reporting directly to the line manager via periodic email alerts and updates. Now if I am an HR manager or line manager preparing for an important meeting on talent management, my progress report simply lies on the AXIS™ Platform. Now that is value.

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