Job Competency Profiling
People are no longer hired to execute tasks, and that is why Job descriptions and nearing extinction. Instead, they are hired to deliver results. We are in the era of ‘deliverables’ rather than ‘doables’. Best-in-class companies don’t hire for tasks any more; they hire for competences in the context of specified role deliverables. Allaboard’s cloud-hosted Job Competency Profiling platform enables your organization to identify and specify the critical competences that are requisite for performance and success in a knowledge role. By defining the critical competencies, your organization is literally building its “Competency Bank” on a secure online platform that is scalable and secure. Because your Competency Bank is online, you have full control for reviewing and updating your JCPs on a periodic basis. Of course, we at Allaboard will always support you with technical assistance and capacity development so that as they define and specify Competences for each role, your line managers are adequately trained on the proper methodology for correctly defining role deliverables and competences.
We have always been asked how else we can help in this regard. Well, you can also entirely outsource the actual Job Competency Profiling process to us. We will utilize our deep experience in competency profiling, our extensive resource base, and our wide network of contacts for benchmarking purposes, to thoroughly define Competences for all your jobs and all you have to do is simply review and approve. All this is done at very competitive fees. With properly defined Job Competency Profiles, you are now better positioned to deliver other value added HR activities such as effective Competency-Based Interviewing and Career Mapping. Competences are not static. Rather, they are dynamic and ever changing in response to constantly changing job and industry factors. In this regard, we help you keep your Organizational Competency Bank current and updated through online alerts on Job Competency Profiles that are now due or overdue for updates.

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