Dear Mentee

It is best practice in your company to periodically review progress on the formalized Mentoring Programme. Part of this review involves assessing the satisfaction levels of Mentees with their mentors on specified areas that are critical to the success of the mentoring relationship. Towards this end, your Company would like to establish your views on specified areas that would enable it to not only measure but also improve your overall satisfaction with the Mentoring Programme. You are therefore requested to provide responses to the Statements and Questions that are outlined in the short Questionnaire on this platform. Please answer openly and honestly. Your responses will ONLY be used for the purpose of improving the implementation of the Mentoring Programme for your benefit and the benefit of other mentees in your Company. Your responses will be treated with utmost confidentiality and your identity for the purpose of this Questionnaire will not be disclosed to anyone, not even to your Mentor.

South Africa

Chris Tenga
Chief Executive Officer
Mobile: +27 64 027 1858
Zim Mobile: +263 717 607 000
Skype: chris.tenga


Macdonald Magonya
Programmes & Client Services
Mobile: +263 774 176 697
Tel: +263 715 025 751
Skype: mkmagonya


Joseph Mugo
Country Managing Director
Mobile: +254 73 722 2003
Mobile: +254 72 165 6620
Skype: josephmugo2


Leonard Dingwa
Country Managing Director
Mobile: +264 81 233 0057
Skype: leonard.dingwa

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