Business Transformation
At the heart of every transformation is performance and change, and most consultants understand this fundamental – there must be change in a certain identified direction so that performance improves from Y Level to X Level. What is not prescribed is the formulation of new KPIs and targets to quantify the change, and the actual transformation of the institutional and enterprise capability framework to enable the change. This is where we at Allaboard come in – to set the transformation process in motion by formulating, launching, supporting and measuring the planned institutional and enterprise transformation program, so that there is visible traction in the right direction, at the right speed, towards the right goal. We understand how institutional and enterprise transformation programs are difficult and complex, as they demand a new purpose in people and a new definition of performance. We help with the clarification process, explaining why it is necessary and how it is possible. More importantly, we help create ‘Channels of Contribution’ so that employees at all levels and across all segments can clearly see how they are expected to contribute to the transformation exercise. Amongst other important transformation facilitation milestones, we deliver on the following;

  • Facilitating the Leadership transformation exercise to develop personal-level change at EXCO, as a mandatory kick-off point
  • Unpacking the Strategic Plan into a clearly articulated Institutional Transformation Agenda and roadmap
  • Translating the Transformation Agenda into Business Unit/Divisional KPI’s and Action Priorities
  • Formulating and implementing the Change Blueprint to all critical stakeholder segments and groups
  • Working with critical stakeholder segments and groups to translate the Change Agenda into operational goals and activities
  • Framing and supporting the Top-down change monitoring mechanism, and the Bottom-up performance feedback process.
  • Mentoring and coaching Senior Executives on the management of group and stakeholder dynamics during the transformation process.
Why are we better positioned to support your Institutional and Enterprise Transformation Program? Firstly, we have amongst our team a balanced blend of expertise in psychology, capability transformation process, business and entrepreneurship, KPI framework development, and project management. Secondly, we have the requisite experience in working with government and private sector organizations, in strategy formulation and execution during financially distressed periods. Hence, we know which capabilities to invest in and how to preserve and develop enterprise value during economically lean times. Finally, we bring to the transformation table a robust set of home-grown methodologies, tools and frameworks that are fit for the African institutional and enterprise landscape, and which are validated by our own experience in guiding strategy execution in Africa. When it comes to Business and Institutional Transformation, we walk the talk i.e. will never propose any interventions that we are unable to implement. We walk with you ‘the whole 9 yards’.

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