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“A world without mentors is a world without talent. It is a world without achievement, and a world without greatness.”
Allaboard 2017
It takes talent to develop talent. Welcome to Allaboard’s 3-Dimensional (3-D) Mentoring Programme, a benchmark Programme for delivering fast-tracked, experiential learning and development in organizations. The hallmark of an organization that is serious about Talent Management is a highly focused Mentoring and Coaching Programme that is aimed at proactively developing its High Potential (HiPO) employees, and helping them manage the necessary yet complex career transitions and personal development. However, the success of an organization’s mentoring and coaching intervention largely depends on the strength and quality of its Mentor Pool - does it have mentors with the right calibration, skills, integrity and passion to guide the development of its most promising employees.

The 3-D Mentoring Programme is designed to develop mentors and coaches who can effectively partner HR in the talent development agenda. The 3-Dimensional thrust addresses the tripartite credentials requisite for all high performers - the right competences, the right behaviours, and the right attitudes. The Programme is focused on equipping mentors with the knowledge to initiate and lead transformative relationships in a way that meets the needs of mentees, the organization and mentors themselves. We develop the core skills which include relationship management, development needs assessment, potential profiling, coaching, questioning and listening, consulting, performance counseling and feedback. We especially help mentors to successfully deliver mentoring in a ‘Generation Y’ and ‘Generation Z’ environment that is characterized by young, ambitious and social-savvy mentees with radically different learning styles and relationship skills.

Our 3-D Mentoring Programme is delivered both online through our e-Learning Platform for delegates seeking convenience and paced learning, and through in-house face-to-face arrangements for organizations that require an interactive opportunity with a facilitator and fellow managers. Are glad to have included a Self-Assessment Feedback Tool that is completed by each delegate prior to undertaking the Course. The Self-Assessment Tool enables the delegate to identify specific areas for strengthening in their leadership, mentoring and coaching space during the 3-D Mentoring Programme. Great leaders are great mentors, hence the 3-D Programme is ideal as part of your Leadership Development package. Welcome & best wishes in this Course and in your role as a Mentor and / or Coach.

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South Africa

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